5 Reasons Your Child Will Benefit From Great Child Care

Many will argue the benefits of children staying at home with their parents until they start school. However, there is plenty of research to extol the benefits of child care. Studies have shown time and time again how children who attend child care centres develop language skills and socialisation.

Parents also reap benefits, with psychological and social rewards as a result of sending children to child care centres. For many parents, remaining at home to look after the children isn’t financially viable. You don’t need to feel guilty about using child care, not when there are so many benefits.

1. Building Better Habits

Routine is important for children; it helps make them feel secure. Routine is also an excellent way to instil healthy habits, such as making the bed, washing hands, brushing teeth, etc. Children are calmer and more settled when they know what to expect daily. This also helps establish positive sleeping habits. When your child attends a child care centre, this becomes a new part of their routine. Each morning they rise to eat breakfast, get dressed, pack their school bag, and see their friends at the facility. This routine will begin when they attend school so, attending child care is just getting them into this habit earlier. When they do reach school, they will settle quickly and focus on learning rather than all the change.

2. An Early Education

Children do more than play at child care. They draw shapes and pictures, sing songs and listen to stories, socialise and take instructions. All of this fuels their numeracy and literacy skills. They learn in all different ways which will contribute to their education. The more knowledge your child is armed with before starting school, the better they will perform in school.

3. Developing Emotional Intelligence

When your child spends time with other children, they build stronger social skills, which help them form healthy bonds with others. Attending child care will help them learn how to listen, share, and how to communicate. The older they grow, the better they will become at using these talents to build friendships.

4. Increased Chance of Success

It might sound like a bit much to consider your child’s future success, but the child care centre you choose does have some say in it. A 30-year study from the University of North Carolina discovered that adults who attended early education were more likely to graduate from university and maintain continuous employment. The skills children learn will set them up for life.

5. Preparation for Further Education

Sending your little one to a child care centre allows them to ease into learning with fun and games. This helps them build their skills and experiences, which is more likely to help them fall in love with learning. Ultimately, it’s great preparation for school.

If you live in the Endeavour Hills area, or you’re searching elsewhere in Australia, there are plenty of child care centres for you to choose from. A study from France found that high-quality child care centres reduce the risk of emotional symptoms in children. So, to ensure your child reaps the greatest benefits possible, choose the best centre possible.

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