Dos & Dont’s During Ballet Class

Ballet classes can be quite an enjoyable experience for your child. In joining the classes, your child will be able to learn how to twirl and jump like the ballerinas on stage. Nonetheless, for a smooth class, children need to understand the dos and dont’s during lessons.

Don’t During Ballet Classes

Let your child know that she should not consume any food or drinks while the class is in session. There will usually be water breaks in between sessions for your child to quench her thirst. As consumption of food is not permitted, the chewing of gum should also be ruled out. Chewing gum while dancing is considered to be very rude, as it will disrupt class and also distract classmates.

Often times, unruly hair can get in the way of dancing. As such, dancers must always keep their hair up and tidy. When attending class, your child’s hair should be up in a either a bun, braid or ponytail. Try to limit the amount of stray hairs that may come in contact with your child’s face as it can be very distracting

As a parent of a dancer, it is your responsibility to ensure that she is wearing the proper attire to class. There should be no sign of clothes meant for outside use such as jeans or sports shoes, as these clothes are not at all suitable for ballet dancing. It is also wise to make sure your child’s attire are proper and not overtly exposed. Just as long as the instructor has a clear view of her extremities for easier guidance.

Do’s During Ballet Classes

Arriving to class in time can be put your child in a better frame of mind. The rush of getting to class late can be a bad experience for your child as she may feel embarrassed to walk into class once it has started. She may get stares from her fellow classmates that affect her confidence. As such, try to get your child early to class so that she can prepare herself better and be in a better mood to tackle the challenges for that day.

Make sure you child wears proper attire such as leotards, tights and ballet flats. This is to ensure that she can feel comfortable in her clothes when dancing. She will also feel great in her ballet attire.

As parents, it may not be advisable for you to be inside the studio during class. Your child will most probably be able to focus better if its just her classmates and the instructor during the dance session. What you can do is to wait outside the classroom and observe your child from there.

Venturing into the ballet world is an exciting time for both young dancers and their parents. Do follow the above steps to ensure that you and your child have a good time participating in ballet for kids.

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