Diaper blowouts up the back? Full elastic waistband a true solution.

You have dressed yourself so well and so is your baby, you are ready to go out and suddenly a poop explosion happened. Poop all over your baby’s body, clothes, and the surface of your room and may be on you. Ever wonder why blowout happens and especially at the back? Blowouts tend to happen at the back of the diaper where it is hard to create a seal. Blowouts are not less than a nightmare to a mom. There can be several reasons for blowouts such as wrong size or too tight diaper and when the diaper just can’t contain all the poop or pee.

  • Size plays an important role to prevent blowout as all the babies are not the same, the diaper size for all the babies cannot be the same, and even twin babies can have different sizes of diaper. So always choose the size which fits best for your baby. Because a tight diaper doesn’t have space for poop to come out that’s the reason some diaper blowout happens and large sizes will always have leaks.
  • Active babies tend to do more diaper blow out at the back. Is your baby moving around a lot when a blowout or leak happens? Choose a diaper brand that is extra careful and flexible to make sure the diaper stays in place while your baby is moving around. Especially one with an elastic waistband at the back.
  • Are you using the right diaper brand? Using a wrong or low-quality brand can cause frequent blowouts and can create a huge mess in your life and can be a matter of discomfort for you and your baby.

Full elastic waistband is a true solution:

Diaper with a full elastic waistband is a lifesaver. The elastic waistband on the back panel of the diaper help keep poop contained and prevent blowout. Elastic waistband around waist ensure a perfect & comfortable fit. Ensures soft cover for baby’s tender skin. There are so many diaper companies but the quality of every diaper is not the same except for basic design. When choosing a diaper there are lots to ask like is it a baby-friendly product? Or is not too harsh on the baby’s soft and sensitive skin. Some diaper companies in the market are lacking in many ways such as poor and outdated design, using harsh chemicals, and even they don’t have the elastic waistband. Geego have made mom’s life stress-free by introducing a wide range of baby-friendly products. Their high-quality absorbency and patented elastic waistband technology have solved half problem of blowouts and leaks. Geego baby diapers have patented full elastic waistband on all sizes – Newborn/ Mini / Midi / Maxi / Junior . Geego baby diapers work for active babies as their elastic waistband ensure that the diaper stays in a right place, are comfortable and secure fit that allows your baby to move and explore freely.

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