Wooden Furniture For Children — Creating The Best Ambiance

Made from the purest wood and processed exclusively with natural oils, children’s WoodAndHearts furniture will allow the child to grow in an environment free from toxic materials. The wood maintains a healthy atmosphere: it promotes deep sleep at night and high concentration during the day.

The warmth of its shades makes the playroom cozy. And since active games require high activities, all furniture edges are rounded. Various accessories, curtains, additional furniture details will change the ambiance of the nursery. Customized design options turn the nursery into the perfect place for play, discovery, and imagination.

Why is wood the best material for children’s furniture?

Wood is a natural, solid, and excellent material that will help create a warm, cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your child’s bedroom. The traditional types of wood that are most often used in the manufacture of children’s furniture are:

  • pine;
  • oak;
  • beech;
  • maple;

Each of these breeds has its unique structure, which will give your child’s room a personality. Wooden furniture for children covered with a layer of colored paint is no less common. Such a coating reliably protects products from damage and fills the nursery with joy and a good mood.

Pay attention to the fact that wooden products are 100% environmentally friendly: they do not contain or emit toxic substances into the air, which is extremely important for children’s furniture. Therefore, if your budget allows it, feel free to choose wooden furniture for a children’s bedroom — it is the most advantageous option.

Choice options

In the girl’s room, you can buy classic furniture painted with non-toxic paint in delicate pastel shades — a bed with a figured carved back, an elegant table, a wardrobe with a carved facade, where all the outfits of the little princess will fit.

The boy will most likely prefer country-style furniture — dark or light unpainted wood. To create a particular mood, Wood and Hearts complement the interior of the nursery with exciting accessories, where the boy will keep his treasures — toys. Or you can choose the furniture of a unique design, with any cartoon characters or heroes of fairy tales.

How to select the design

In this matter, the primary assistant is your child. Depending on its personality and hobbies, you can opt for a bright and cheerful bedroom or choose a calm and cozy one. The wide arrange includes furniture sets with a classic design, cartoon characters, etc. It is essential to involve the child himself in the choice of the environment for his room — and then he will be as comfortable and pleasant as possible in it to relax, receive guests, study, and spend his leisure time.

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