Connecting with Your Children During the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time for parents. Each year, you spend a lot of time putting together your children’s Halloween costumes, planning, shopping for and preparing a Thanksgiving feast, and making sure you check off every Christmas list.

Holidays are all about the children, though, so it’s important to make time for some holiday fun even when you’re busy. Here are some cool ideas for connecting with your children during the busy holiday times.


For the most part, your kids don’t mind not having a hand in preparing nightly dinner. However, things are a bit different during the holidays. Most children love playing a role in preparing holiday dinner or decorating for the holidays, so this is the perfect time to teach them new skills.

If your kid wants a complex Fortnite costume for Halloween, have them play a hands-on role in designing it, shopping for the materials and putting it together. If you’re planning on making an enormous batch of sugar cookies to decorate, have your child help make the dough or cut the cookies out. Moments like these don’t simply teach your children how to bake or design a costume, they create a memorable holiday at the same time.


Do your children love arts and crafts? If so, there’s no better time of year to indulge in the fun than the holidays. A quick Google search will give you tons of ideas for arts and crafts to prepare for the holidays. You can make a Christmas countdown chain or create 3D hand turkeys by gluing on feathers and googly eyes.

One of our favorite ideas is using a website like Mixbook to create picture Christmas cards. Simply have your child take a photo, then upload it on to Mixbook and create your own custom card. Your kid will love sending out their own work of art to the whole family come Christmas.


We understand that you’re getting older every year, but one of the most important things you can do for your children is teach them the importance of exercising and enjoying the outdoors. The holidays provide a unique window of opportunity for exploration because there are colorful leaves everywhere, snow begins to fall, and the change in weather has a noticeable effect on the animals and insects in the area.

Whether you’re taking a trip to a local hill for sledding, exploring the different types of foliage on the ground, or making time for a winter science project, you should always find some time to get out and enjoy the unique holiday weather.

How do you connect with your children during the holidays? If you have any great ideas we missed, feel free to let us know!

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